Firefly Blood Circulation Device Firefly Combo Pack Firefly Knee Strap
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Firefly Blood Circulation Device Firefly Combo Pack Firefly Knee Strap
Used by elite athletes and professional teams in the U.S. and internationally to accelerate the recovery process after high intensity exercise.
Our Best Seller.  Contains 4 pairs of firefly™ units and a pair of firefly™ knee straps for a $20 savings! The firefly™ knee straps hold the firefly™ in place to provide optimal stimulation and best comfort. Sold in a pair of two.

Who's Using Firefly™

I have found the firefly™ to be one of the simplest recovery devices on the market. Used after high intensity exercise, the firefly™ has made a real difference to the team. The increase in blood flow reduces muscle soreness for 'next day' fresh legs, particularly when used for recovery during travel. Highly effective, the firefly™ device is an important addition to Anaheim Ducks’ recovery protocol.

Joe Huff

Head Athletic Trainer, Anaheim Ducks

Whether it’s for improving recovery after a tough practice or during travel, I’ve used firefly™ with athletes and other elite professionals for over 3 years. The simplicity and ease of use means it provides an excellent fast option for our players regardless of sport and lifestyle challenges.

Dr. Fergus Connolly

Performance Directory, U of M Football

The firefly™ device increases blood flow - a critical component of recovery - and easily fits in to an athlete's lifestyle. Athletes can make recovery happen with firefly™ and thus be able to train more often.

Karsten Jensen

Strength Coach to World Class and Olympic Athletes